LDAP Integration - Group Filter not working/LDAPS

Jonathan H 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 1


Trying to finish my LDAP setup and am trying to restrict logins to members of a specific AD group.  LDAP will function if group filters are not configured, however once group filters are added, I receive the following error:

Your user account does not have access to this service!

When testing the LDAP connection with group filters configured, the user is found, and the results do show that the user is a memberof the appropriate group, however the following error is received:

Retrieving all groups: Failed to search for groups: Operations error

The following settings are configured when attempting to limit to the AD group.

Use LDAP-MATCHING-RULE-IN-CHAIN to retrieve nested groups: No
Groups search filter: (objectCategory=Group) (objectCategory=Group): memberOf
Groups to Import: BuildWebAccess
Groups to Allow Access to: BuildWebAccess

Second question - is LDAPS supported?

Thank you.



Sorry for the late reply. For questions related to the Enterprise FileRun version, kindly contact us via e-mail directly and we will reply the same day. The forum is focused on the free FileRun version which doesn't have such features.

Do try "(objectCategory=group)" instead (note the case). This can also vary with the LDAP server and directory configuration. Once FileRun will be able to find the user's list of groups, then the access limitation should work fine.

For a SSL connection start the hostname with "ldaps://".