Indexing issue

sllll 3 years ago updated by lilaBaer 6 months ago 5


I have a working installation of FileRun and I have followed the instructions to set up the full index searching.

But when i start process_search_index_queue.php the Files dont get indexed

Does someone knew how to fix this problem?


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To see if Apache Tika is able to properly extract text contents from files, right-click a file, select the Control panel option under More options. You will find in there troubleshooting tools which will help you find out if the text extraction for the file works and what is the result.


You can also disable OCR to see if the problem is related.

Disabling OCR PDF FIles and OCR image files solved this, thank you

Hi Vlad,

I face almost the same issue then the initial post.

Filerun runs very well on my QNAP NAS using ContainerStation which is basically a docker front end.

I installed Filerun using the docker-compose.yml which is recommanded on this documentation page.

All OCR checkboxes are disabled.

When I upload files using upload button and start the process_search_index_queue.php script afterwards all new files are indexed as expected.
But when files are directly saved in the documents folder by a scan&ocr app the process_search_index_queue.php does not index any file at all. 
As a workaround I am able to get all documents indexed when I call reindex_files.php. But I don't like that solution with an increasing amount of files.

 Have you any suggestions, please?