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I have installed filerun on a windows server. I have installed onlyoffice on a clean Centos server that is only accessible as an ip address. The Filerun server is accessed via the web. When I try to edit a page via onlyoffice, the only office plugin loads fine, but the document does not load. Any thoughts? 

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Does the Centos server have access, via HTTP/S, to the Windows server, in order to download the file that is to be edited?

http yes / https no  The installation direction offer no guidance in this regards.

When you say access, please clarify... they are both on the same network.

Do the settings on the Centos server, allow OnlyOffice DocumentServer app to download data from the FileRun installation URL? Example: if you access FileRun via "localhost", OnlyOffice will try to download the file's contents via "localhost", which will obviously fail. Then there are firewalls, etc.

I see what you are saying. I access filerun thru a sub-domain name. But since it is on our local network, I needed to change the Host file on the windows computers to point the internal ip address to the sub-domain name. That being pointed out, I should do the same to the Centos server too??

Yes, otherwise the URL that Centos will receive will not resolve to the right host.

Changing the host file did the trick....