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onlyoffice save location

Brian H 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 6

I am running Filerun on a windows server and onlyoffice document server on a Centos server. I can access documents and edit them, but they do not get saved to the Filerun location. If I reopen a document in Onlyoffice, the edited version comes up. Is there a way to save the edited version in Filerun?

Check your OnlyOffice server logs, specifically this file:


If you have your OO installed through docker, the log files may be located in:


if you exposed them during installation, if not you can access your docker installation directly:

sudo docker ps
sudo docker exec -it <container id> /bin/bash

Read the output as you access the document and save it. Most likely this is a certificate problem but can't tell you more without more information.

I am not using ssl as a connection.

What is the output of DocumentServer log at the time of you saving the file on OO? Do you have the option "Always save to server" in OO advanced settings checked or unchecked?

Yes, save to server is checked.

hmm, oddly enough it save to the correct location when I use my mac book pro....

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Are you accessing FileRun by the same URL?