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nextcloud issue - unavble to connect

Roger R 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 10


I try to configure NextCloud to synchronize my files with my server (shared server).
When NextCloud want to access to myserver, I click on Boutton "Accepr" and nothing happen (I've no problem with your Demo Site) Nextcloud installation works great).
I install FileRun with softaculous cpanel and upgrade this to last version (I've a licence key). My PHP version is 7.1
Installation was successfull, but tghere is a connectionb failure on next screen.a box appeared with 3 options :-choose a different URL- Try a non secure connection HTTP-Set up TLS certificat(these 3 options are translated, should be different in english version)
FileRun Version : FileRun_2019.12.25NexCloud version : 2.6.2legacy (build 20191224)I think i've a problem to give an authorisation to NextCloud with my server. Can you help me ?

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Do you get an authentication prompt when opening FileRun in a web browser by appending "/dav.php/" to its URL? If so, after providing your valid FileRun credentials, what are you seeing on the page?


when doing that, i get the following web page :

Are you using an HTTPS (secure) URL?

yes i do, whith  Let's Encrypt™ SSL (free certification authoritie)

Can you take a screenshot of the error? (I don't have many ideas on how to help you at this point.)


here are the 4 steps and the error box in the last one


Here is a video screen to show you the trouble.

(In french, sorry)



I have the same issue after a clean install.

Filerun version : FileRun_2019_12_25_PHP_71-73

Nextcloud version : 2.6.2 appimage provided on filerun.com

I installed filerun on an OVH Shared Hosting plan, PHP version is 7.2, SSL is activated ( Letsencrypt certificate).

I can see the "success" screen but nothing appears in Oauth2/Clients.

@Roger R : Is your website on a OVH plan ?

Please advise. Thanks !

Same poster as above here., sorry to spam.

I managed to connect after removing the nextcloud configuration folder on my system ( ~/.config/nextcloud on GNU/Linux ).

I also checked the MySql tables, and noticed that "nc_login_token" gets populated in the "df_oauth_sessions" table, but still nothing appears in Filerun > Admin panel > Secutity > Oauth2 > clients

What's more, when I finally managed to connect the NC client, the value that appeared in the lastly created "nc_login_token" is "NULL" .

So it works for me, but still, there's an issue of the client list in FR not updating...

There should be no client appearing anywhere. No need to manually do anything. Only perhaps a signed in session under the user's account settings panel.

Roger above has a different type of issue, with the HTTP server rejecting some WebDAV related requests (such as PROPFIND). Your issue seems client not server related.