hide trash

Stephane B 3 years ago updated by Vlad R 3 years ago 1

Hi Vlad,

in order to avoid deletion by users, and as a librarian explained us, we should never delete a file but move it into archives, so is it possible to have a feature to hide the REMOVE action.

As we can be a rule for the management of a whole gallery, it could be an option in the INTERFACE OPTIONS.

thank you


We did receive more than one requests for achieving the same. We are going to implement it, but in a different way. It is going to be an additional user permission, so this can be turned on and off per user account. This permission, when enabled, will allow the user to delete files permanently, directly from where they reside or from the trash, and also allow the user to empty the trash. When disabled, the user will only be able to delete/move files to the trash, never permanently. The users will still have access to the trash folder, but only in order for them to see and restore items from there.
I hope this will work for your case as well.