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"Failed to create link!" after upgrading from PHP5 to PHP7

narcis coste 2 years ago updated by Vlad R 2 years ago 4

I am using FileRun for 2 years, 
Was running FileRun on a Centos 7 with Sentora hosting (PHP 5)
I have upgraded from PHP5 to PHP7 and FileRun stoped working due to IonCube (Was showing up Error 500 on access)

I updated FileRun using this topic (https://docs.filerun.com/php7) and all is well. 
I can see my files, all older links are working great, I can create, remove folders and files, but if I try to generate a shared link I get a message "Failed to create link!"

I looked in the logs and I get this errors:
PHP Warning: ini_get() expects exactly 2 parameters, 1 given in /system/classes/vendor/FileRun/Files/Utils.php on line 317
PHP Warning: is_callable() expects exactly 2 parameters, 1 given in system/classes/vendor/FileRun/Files/Listing.php on line 60

Before this I had PHP Fatal Error: [snuffleupagus][disabled_function] "ini_get" value ("allow_url_fopen") and i disabled it from snuffleupagus config, but still the first two warnings are there and still can't create links.

Any ideas?

Under review

Let us know if the problem persists after removing/disabling "snuffleupagus".

Hi Vlad, 
Thank you for your reply.

I have disabled snuffleupagus and it's the same thing.
I get a "Filed to create link!" pop-up on the bottom-left corner.

Any ideas?
Thank you!

What FileRun version? Have you used the same version to replace the application files, as matching the database version? Any entries in the PHP error log?

Closed for lack of information