Filerun is great. Some suggestions

huiseqianbi 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4

Many users of run file started using it in China. Today, I installed it on the NAS, and the experience was really great, and the smooth speed surprised me. I would recommend more people to use it and let more people know about this great work.

Some suggestions. Can synchronization be added to the product. Hope to add online decompression function, such as Baidu netdisk in China. In addition, I would like to see the IOS version one day earlier.

Filerun, come on!

I saw the online decompression function on the web page, it is what I need. 😄

In addition, music and video are always fixed. When switching tags, do not stop playing them. Like plex.

In future versions, do you want to add hidden features to folders and files? It's like one drive's vault.

I tried to upload 3G photos and put them in a folder. As a test, I downloaded the entire folder, and the page prompted "405 not allowed".