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ok thanks for answering, it would be a good option to add it in the future

Yourls generate short link with with Sequential or custom URL keywords

example short link sequential:

example short link custom:

with filerun i can only generate shortlink with yours link sequential !!!  

Would it be possible for me to put the name (CUSTOM SHORT URL) with filerun ?

yourls admin panel example:


Any option for custom keyword for link creation with Yourls ?


Hi, Vlad,

FileRun loads, but i can't login

I see  one white space before: " <?php"     I fix them        and i remove   "?>"  

Filerun now  works fine !!!  and Yourls  autogenerate link!!!

THANKS !!!!!

One last Question:

I don't want to use the link-name  that is done automatically by Yourls,

I would like to know if I can write the name (custom URL keywords) for Yourls link ? 

what do i have to change in the next line?

$config['app']['weblinks']['custom_url_shortener'] =


Hi i put customizables/config.php 

new config.php file with:


$config['app']['weblinks']['custom_url_shortener'] = '';


after this:

i try to login file run.........  BUT not OPEN

do you help me