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I am having the same issue. Some computers (all using edge) show all pages of a pdf, while other computers only download and show the first page.

I am not using ssl as a connection.

I had WebDav install on IIS, but disabled. After uninstalling WebDav everything connected without issue.

I am using Nextcloud 2.5. I can't get past the "Authorization" where you click "accept" (nothing happens)

I also tried Webdrive and get the following error:

Connecting to
Resolving url to an IP address
Url resolved to IP address
Connecting to on port 80
Connected successfully to the server on port 80
Testing directory listing ...

Unable to connect to server, error information below

Error: HTTP Error response received from server, erorr=405 (4516)
Operation: Connecting to server
Server Response: 405 Method Not Allowed

Windows 10 Server IIS