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I just updated filerun and noticed a problem with OnlyOffice. Not sure if it is related, it might just be coincidental. 

When trying to open an office file with OnlyOffice, OnlyOffice reports: “ the document security token is not correctly formed" – which usually means filerun is using the wrong JWT token, so I double-checked, and it was the same inside docker-compose.yml as I had copied into the plugin's configuration in filerun. 

So thinking it might be OnlyOffice's issue, I downgraded from OnlyOffice 7.1.0 to 7.0.1 which is like 3 months older and everything worked again.

So to cut a long story short, would somebody mind checking whether this new filerun version properly handles the JWT secret? 

Do you have any hints on how I would do that if I use filerun as a docker container? Is there an .env variable for it, or can I somehow specify that within html/customizables/config.php by any chance?

Also, according to phpinfo(); 


and my file was only 23.5 MB

are you talking about the latest update of filerun or onlyoffice?
What exactly has quit working?

thanks for looking into it.

It might be related to the recent (about 8 days ago) upgrade to onlyoffice 7 from formerly v.6? 

The reason I asked here is because I don'T know if onlyoffice saves the files directly or if filerun applies any sanitizing to the file names although that is unlikely as other files i.e. txt files still work even with weird names like "ä ö ü.txt"

@vlad I just wanted to give you some feedback about your new filerun version. 
From your changelog: 

  • Optimized code for faster display, snappier feeling and less browser memory usage. 

I totally agree! Its a real pleasure to use filrerun now, everything feels smoother and quicker. It feels like you had built in a sleep 0.5s timer before and have removed it now. (just joking but this is what the UI feels like now) - Its incredible fast and smooth.! 

I am not sure if there is no such option or if I might have missed it but can I somehow opt in to get a notification when a new update is available?

I figured it out by entering the container and checking:

 which libreoffice6.4

I just added tika server to my filerun instance and am seeing this too on files which are too big - it seems like tika simply needs longer to process them. 

Can somebody please advise where this time limit of 5001 milliseconds can be changed?

This example given above is apparently not correct:

docker exec -w /var/www/html/cron -it filerun php index_filenames.php true

that command seems to need a path to run. Reading up on I am slightly confused whether to try:

docker exec -w /var/www/html/cron -it filerun php index_filenames.php /user-files/ true

or maybe: 

docker exec -w /var/www/html/cron -it filerun php reindex_files.php 

maybe someone can elaborate on these two commands?  Also, will these completely reindex or only the difference between the last index run? I'm just trying to keep externally added files indexed, no re-index my complete document library on a nightly basis.


I realized that

index_filenames.php /user-files/ true

indexes file names and not con tent, sorry for the confusion.