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I have three files that encounter the same issue. One is 47.6MB, another 17.7 MB, and the third is 9.66 MB, so it may be a bit less than 10MB.

Same error here. It did not occur prior to the latest FileRun update, but now it does. This is on IIS.

Can confirm, I have the same issue.

I should clarify that the '' is accessed through a reverse proxy on ''.

I just wanted to give an update on this to say thank you so much for the ability to copy direct links in the latest version!

This will make our collaboration a LOT easier in the future, and is exactly what we needed!

The server logs simply show that there was a 500 error.

The PHP logs are empty.

The online console does not show any errors either.

This seems to be an exception that you catch in the application.

I've had to make my own URL to link folders.

Every user has an id and every root shared folder has in ide. To share a link to a folder you need to use the url:{your user id}/{your folder id}/FolderToShare

The URL works for people you have shared with but not yourself.
So it's more of a hack, and not actual usable functionality.