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hi vlad

could you please answer this question?

I have hunderds of this files in every folder. Filerun gets slower and slower every day...


sorry... the post above is from me. I didn't recognize that I'm not logged in.

hi there

Just trying again to run OnlyOfficeDocumentserver.

FileRun Docker on UnRaid -->

OnlyOfficeDocumentserver on UnRaid -->

Everything is public over reverse proxy (NginxProxyManager).

Configuration JWT in Docker OnlyOfficeDocumentserver:

After trying to open a word file:

Does anyone know what's going on here?


I have the same problem with the blank site after open a office file.

Tested with OnlyOffice Document Server and OnlyOffice Community Server as a Docker in Unraid.

Has anyone installed successfull OnlyOffice in FileRun?

Hi Vlad

Just for information. I shuted down the version in the ubuntu vm. To many issues...

Since 2 days I have a new version in a unraid docker installed. Everything is running smooth and fast. Even nextcloud mobile app. Nothing in compare with the other one in the ubuntu vm.

Questions... not at the moment.

@timfz: The donwload acceleraton has ended in the same issue than you had. What server are you running?

You gave me just a little hope at the end of this tunnel ;-)

The folder where are all the user data from FileRun saved, calls filerun-files and is owned by www-data:

The homefolder from my user "gregi" and is owned by www-data:

I really don't know what else I should change...

shame sh... after reboot the unraid server. Uptime was 120 days...

I wish to have a native filerun app.

Hi there

Tonight the @Home folder in Nextcloud app on my phone shows only "server not available". On my tablet it shows everything as suposed. Even after new installation the app five times inclusive delete folders related to nextcloud.

Does anyone know what could be the problem?

In another file manager app it works as it should and shows everything...



Did you mount the Unraid share in your ubuntu docker?

Then you have to set the owner of this files and folders in the docker console to www-data. That's the way I solved this problem. Otherwise you have just the rights of the user which is set in the share on unraid.