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metadata - integral part of a file, absolutely, since it's embedded. tags are more or less filters to organize and/or sort files.

For reading, sure. For making changes to tags, we disagree

Would you consider implementing separating: making changes to tags and making changes to files/folders?

Tags section is completely invisible without that permission. How is tags different from comments? No actual changes are being made to the files/folders. You shouldn't need that permission. Any chance to have this implemented in the near future?

After playing around with the permissions, I noticed "User can access tags, ratings and other metadata" isn't enough. I had to add "User can make changes to files and folders" under user permissions as well as "Make changes" under folder sharing permission.

Is there any reason the tags are tied to changing/deleting/renaming files and folders?

I can confirm that sharing a folder with "make changes" or even a single file still does not show the tags. Please advise if there are any other permissions that need to be set. Thank you

Is there a reason "contents" tab can't be grouped with other search options? Currently, we can't see a way to search contents within a date range, which is an absolute must for large indexes. Please advise!