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I’m sorry it seems that now everything works fine again, therefore I guess it has been a separate issue...

>  If you log in and out it should not show.

In my case it still shows even after I logged out and in again. But it seems that it disappears after a while, a few hours or a day, I am not sure yet.

I’ve just noticed that this attribute is gone after some time, I am not sure when. When I upload a file, it still has this attribute, but files from yesterday do not have it now.

Could You please tell is everything all right with that?

I’d like to ask what should I do to make uploaded files free of this “thunder” attribute once they are uploaded the first time?

Thank You very much, it’s much better to use it with a much simpler address. It’s great that it has been possible, thank You so so much for that :)

I am in a (kind of) similar situation, i.e., I’ve installed FileRun, registered it, and then I’ve created a sub-domain for it on my server. Unfortunately I didn’t know that I should register it at the very end. :(

How to unregister FileRun in order to register it to a sub-domain?