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I have configured successfully. Also I can ping other sites from the container terminal.

I can also use curl from the terminal in the container to download a textfile from github (https). 

Also, I did not update my onlyoffice container.. the only change was the updated Filerun container.

I use the docker version of Filerun. All logs are linked to stdout and stderr (that is how docker images are usually configured, just like Filerun), showing the combined log in for example Portainer. 

There are no php errors.

The OnlyOffice docker container does show some errors that I have not seen before.

==> /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/converter/out.log <==

[2021-07-26T12:25:46.841] [ERROR] nodeJS - stdout (id=589153--1627302286_1033):

[2021-07-26T12:25:46.841] [ERROR] nodeJS - stderr (id=589153--1627302286_1033):Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'zla' of null

DoctRenderer:<result><error index="-2" /></result>

[2021-07-26T12:25:46.841] [ERROR] nodeJS - ExitCode (code=86;signal=null;error:-86;id=589153--1627302286_1033)

[2021-07-26T12:25:57.255] [ERROR] nodeJS - stdout (id=589153--1627302286_5931):

[2021-07-26T12:25:57.255] [ERROR] nodeJS - stderr (id=589153--1627302286_5931):Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'zla' of null

DoctRenderer:<result><error index="-2" /></result>

[2021-07-26T12:25:57.255] [ERROR] nodeJS - ExitCode (code=86;signal=null;error:-86;id=589153--1627302286_5931)

I should mention this issue does not seem to happen when I create docx files. 


Actually, even if you completely disable Office Web Viewer, and ONLY open files with OnlyOffice, after opening a newly in Filerun created spreadsheet multiple times, you will get the same error, and your file will be empty.

So the issue is not with Office Web Viewer.

What could be the issue here?

I thought it might be related to files being synced via webdav with nextcloud desktop client to a laptop. I revoked all app access via User Settings and was still able to reproduce the issue. 

I think I found the issue!

To reproduce: 

1. Configure via Settings > Defaults, Office Documents to be viewed and previewed with OFFICE WEB VIEWER, and to be edited with ONLYOFFICE.

2. Create a new OnlyOffice spreadsheet via FileRun.

3. Put some text in the file. Save it manually unless you have autosave enabled.

4. Close the browser tab.

5. In FileRun, doubleclick the file, Office Web Viewer will show the spreadsheet and your text.

6. Close the preview.

7. Open the file via FileRun rightclick, Open With... > OnlyOffice.

8. An error is shown "THE FILE VERSION HAS CHANGED, THE PAGE WILL BE RELOADED" with a red cross. Hit OK.

9. An empty file is shown.

10. Refresh Filerun tab just to be sure and download the file locally, note the file is indeed empty!

This means, Office Web Viewer does something to the file, destroying its contents permanently.

The only reason I use Office Web Viewer as viewer, is because when you select OnlyOffice as viewer, documents are always opened in edit mode. Someone else posted this issue in a seperate thread. 

I just discovered I can do the following! Imagine 2 users AAA and BBB and 3 folders in /user-files. 




There is no user account with folder /user-files/Shared.

Now I can do this (ensure you are in the user AAA folder first):

$ cd /user-files/AAA
/user-files/AAA $ ln -rs /user-files/Shared Shared

Do the same for user BBB:

$ cd /user-files/BBB
/user-files/BBB $ ln -rs /user-files/Shared Shared

In Filerun, login either as user AAA or BBB, notice there is a folder called Shared :)

You can access it etc. No need to actually mount it via docker.

Unfortunately, tags, comments etc are NOT applied to the actual files. FileRun still thinks there are 2 Shared folders now and will index them individually.

Worse: if you use a syncing client (Nextcloud Desktop Client) on a laptop and sync both AAA and BBB accounts with that laptop, the folder Shared will be downloaded and synced twice, within each user account...

That is why I am going to move away from this solution and use a 3rd FileRun user account, share its whole folder with user AAA and BBB and probably never login to that 3rd account again.

On the shared laptop, I will then add all 3 accounts to the Nextcloud Desktop Client to sync them. 

Actually: the thumbnails.php scrpt does NOT work if you use --size without --username. It does work without username and without --large.

For thumbnails, you can do it with 1 command. For previews, you need to do it per username. It would be great if we can allow this to work without usernames.

To use FileRun with existing files, you have to use the thumbnails.php script for all users to create the thumbs and previews initially.

php make_thumbs.php --size large 
-------------------- START ----------------------
Image size: 2480 x 1000
Generating image previews for --size's files: User not found!


In the same file: 

under  "editorConfig" =>

Add/change the following: 

				"lang" => "nl",
"location" => "nl",
"region" => "nl-NL",

To change the default spell check language for all documents, you have to open the docx/xlsx/pptx blank documents, change the region/language via the bottom icon/advanced settings and save the files.

These documents are located in the same plugins folder: docker/filerun/html/customizables/plugins/onlyoffice/blanks

I now have a Dutch UI for OnlyOffice with Dutch spell checker by default :)

The above is a generic, absolute minimum compose. You will have to adjust it to your provider.

I have put a lot of effort to figure everything out as I was a total noob. You clearly haven't even googled Caddy + Cloudflare. Otherwise you would have seen this:

Now all you need is to figure out the syntax of caddy-docker-proxy, for which you can use its GitHub page and there are multiple Cloudflare examples in the closed issues. forum also has plenty of examples and documentation, no need to continue the discussion here.

I can confirm gm (Graphicsmagick) is not included in the docker image but is configured via Settings. I was able to install it (together with PNGQuant) and use it.