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OK I figured it out. All I need is this: OnlyOffice Document Server. Now I need a way to get it to work wit Traefikv2. When I have a solution I will post it here for future reference. 

OK I am halfway now, after fixing permissions I can see everything correctly in FileRun, but:

I do not want userAAA or any other user to be able to delete the folders (ie Asterix) that are mapped in their userfolders (userAAA).

What I have done now: 

775 and root:www-data (owner is root, but group is www-data, www-data user is in group www-data, not root) for:



/mnt/pool/Users/.... (Asterix, userAAA, userBBB)

This way folders like Asterix can be accessed by www-data but not deleted.
Everything one level deeper, inside folders Asterix, userAAA is www-data:www-data and 777.

On the Ubuntu machine itself, www-data can now do everything within /userAAA. 

Unfortunately, FileRun userAAA with folder /userAAA assigned to it can NOT edit/create any files in its folder/subfolder.

I want him to be able to do everything in his folder, just not to the mapped /userAAA/Asterix folder.

Is this possible with FileRun?

I am just very confused, because the Community edition consists of Onlyoffice-documentserver and also Onlyoffice-communityserver.

Do I need both to work with FileRun? 

I just tried Onlyoffice-documentserver.. via localIP it works, but not via https even though I have set it up with Traefik labels just like FileRun (and the Integration Edition).

I will do more testing tomorrow, but it seems DocumentServer does not work well with Traefik(v2). 

Oh snap! I got the wrong edition!

ok will find the right docker image.

Just fyi I also tried removing all Filerun (and related) containers, images, persistent volumes and emptied the folder $USERDIR/docker/filerun and ran docker-compose up again with all of the volume mappings mentioned above: same issue.

root@6df63e016b21:/# supervisorctl start all
ds:example: started

So the issue must be with FileRun?

OK I managed to get OnlyOffice to load by changing the plugin URL to (I added https://).

But every file I open, I do see the Only Office interface, but always with "Unknown Error". I tried doc and docx files. They do preview normally in FileRun. 

The OnlyOffice container log (viewed via Portainer) doesn't show anything about loading a doc. 

This was suddenly solved. Not sure how or why. I removed all symlinks and re-did the volume mappings via Docker Compose.

Not sure if it is due to a reboot of my server, but suddenly tonight the @Home folder in Nextcloud shows all my files (even rbind mounts I made, instead of symlinks). Only remaining issue now is: everything is read-only even though the docker container console can delete/edit/create files.

I solved this by using rbind mount in /etc/fstab of my system OS, instead of symlinks! Works flawlessly.