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1. Put the following code in a file rewrite.conf:

LoadModule rewrite_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/

2. Mount this rewrite.conf file inside you docker container by putting the following in your docker-compose file:


- /path/to/local/dir/rewrite.conf:/etc/apache2/conf-enabled/rewrite.conf

3. Recreate your filerun-container with your new compose file. Apache inside the filerun-container should automatically pick up the extra configuration.

I was having the same problem. When I enabled mod-rewrite in the docker container, the file opened perfectly in Office (Word).

Yes, sharing files via web links is working. Just tested it using a shared link in a private browser window to make sure I wasn't logged into Filerun.

I understand that my localhost would not be reachable for a webviewer. Like I said (I am running Filerun behind traefik), this is not the case, so unfortunately your answer is not an answer to my case.

I have a publicly accessible URL (my dynamic ip is exposed via duckdns, for example for my Filerun installation. So is pointing to my public IP. Traefik is taking care of it that requests to get routed to my filerun-docker-container. This is working fine.

It seems that Filerun is generating a URL for a file I would like to preview/edit with an external editor (for example https://filerun.mysubdomain.duckdns.or/wl/rw/something_random/file.docx), only this URL is not valid although the rest of my Filerun installation is perfectly accessible from the web. This URL should be accessible for the external editors but they all (including Google Docs Editor that hangs indicating it is uploading the file to Google, haven't tried Zoho yet) keep throwing errors.

So it seems to me that something is going wrong when Filerun tries to generate a custom URL to edit the file?