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There's another little question about favicon.

I am using the docker version, which seems unable to create favicon.

On the control panel page, this problem does not exist.
I hope to provide users with the option to customize favicon in the future. 😍

I also found such a problem. The image cannot generate a real address and cannot be called by external links. I can't even generate an image address for my filerun through a shared link. Fill in the shared image address in "page background", which is invalid.

I also encountered the same problem. Finally, I chose to log in to filerun using documents, and the experience was also very good. 

Wow, amazing! The problem is solved perfectly. Thank you.

Can I skip @ home when I use WebDAV link to link filerun? It's like onedrive.

I got the same result when I used the mobile terminal "documents" and "Fe file explorer".

I know it's not a problem, it's just a product, so the experience may be better. thank you.

Sorry, this is a misunderstanding. When I clear the browser cache and refresh the page, the thumbnail appears.

Excuse me, Vlad. I've re installed Afian/ filerun:libreoffice ", still unable to produce PSD thumbnails. Can you take a look at this?

I have upgraded Synology system to the latest version (DSM 7.0). Now fmpeg has become the new version, and it can successfully generate thumbnails. Deo gratias.

In addition, I am not sure whether it is the docker version problem or the conflict caused by opening libreoffice. The PSD file can no longer generate thumbnails. Please confirm.

I found the problem. This seems to be the problem with libreoffice. When the file name (folder) is Japanese or Chinese (no other language is tested), the prompt is: preview generation failed! Output file not found