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hi cracksilver,

have a look at this page

You can log into the web container and run these PHP scripts to execute the indexing processes that you've setup through the web gui. 

hope that helps

hi Vlad, (me again) weighing in on this subject. 

This would be an absolutely amazing enhancement to have. My use case (which I think represents the OP):

I run Open Media Vault as my NAS at home. 

FileRun is a very robust way for me to make my files available (and editable via ONLYOFFICE) when i'm away from home.

Having said that, the documents I primarily access are those that i scan at home and drop onto my NAS.

These PDFs generally contain scanned images that need OCR'ing to be indexed. 

Without having Elastic and Tika/Tesseract scanning incrementally this will become difficult.

thank you so much :)

Hi Vlad - apologies for the late response - I progressed and now have had my head buried in the craziness that is elastic and tika document indexing for search!

I tried for ages. I even got a friend to try on his android mobile app with same results indicating that it was the container server itself that was the issue.

the nice thing about docker is that its pretty easy to blow it away and spin up a new one which is what i did.

So no real answer for others on this unfortunately but i'm not stuck any more.

I appreciate the response