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The problem was finally solved


2021/05/31 19:21:44 [crit] 5831#0: *29709 open() "/www/server/nginx/fastcgi_temp/1/67/0000006671" failed (13: Permission denied) while reading upstream, client:, server: xxxxxx, request: "GET /?module=custom_actions&action=open_in_browser&path=%2FROOT%2FHOME%2FPicture%2Ftest%2F01.jpg HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/tmp/php-cgi-74.sock:",

It's nginx / fastcgi_ The permission problem of temp directory, Chmod + R 777, works normally.

My web server is installed in docker (Ubuntu 18.04.4, nginx - tengine2.2.4 (2.3.0), MySQL 5.6.50, php-7.4), and filerun is also installed in this container / www / wwwroot / filerun. I map the host's / MNT / HDD / media folder to the container's / www / wwwroot / media. Is this related?

Now I find that in filerun WebGui, when I click "download" 01.jpg, there is an error prompt "cannot find the original file". Click "download" 02.jpg to download normally. Other files in the media directory can also be downloaded normally.

How to solve it?

Nginx -Tengine2.2.4(2.3.0)

MySQL 5.6.50