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Any updates on the pagination feature? 

Umm..please consider to add this pagniation feature asap.

i have purchase enterprise filerun lic too

It is quite common nowadays user will not open sub folder to store photos.

One  of my user store up to 20,000 photos in a single folder, filerun will hang automatically if open this kind of folder. which makes filerun not a practical solution in 2021.

I just try out to install nginx container...

I understand the original filerun docker image use port 80 and Nginx can't install on top...

May i know how to setup the port no and bind NGINX and Apache together using YAML file?

I use FE File Explorer Pro to connect through webdav got error too.

Endup it show: connection failure, the operation couldn't be completed.

(org.webdav.error error 405

When Click Diagnose, everything seems normal....

What is the size limit of filerun for web browser upload?