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Thank you for the reply. 

How would I implement the "upload_max_filesize" and "post_max_size"? I could give this a try and see if it helps. 

Thanks Vlad - I have been playing with the Joomla log in, but am not having any luck.

Do you have a more in depth tutorial for how to properly implement this and access the FileRun database with it? I just can't seem to get that to work. 

I actually have the filerun running in an iFrame Joomla module. So when users go through my website, it all looks good and redirects fine. 

There are clients who still have the old "direct" link to the filerun interface, which, skips my website and links them directly to

I am not familiar with SSO because I am not a programmer. But, removing the authentication function seems like a move that would make many of my Media Companies which I handle get very uncomfortable. 

Edit: The first two examples DONT work, the last example does work.

Please close this ticket. Edge was corrupted somewhere in the windows update. A total reset in control panel for edge did the trick.

I don't see a post below. 

I get this error on the update install....

update.php is corrupted.

Developer info: de:1 met:30 ml:512M
Cleaning after previous update...Done
Extracting update...Done
Running update:
The file /home/XXXXXXXX/public_html/filerun/system/data/temp/_unzipped_update/update.php is corrupted.

1. I have NO users who log into "Joomla" - I only use Joomla for the web front side. 

2. I use FileRun exclusively to handle my client files., so any real interaction with important stuff is done with the FileRun System.

That said, running FileRrun in an iFrame to make it look like it is 'part of my site' is ok, but I would love to have my clients log in through a portal that looks like my website. A log in screen that is built into Joomla, accessing the data and displaying it in Joomla.

These are ALL FABULOUS options. I will have to try them and see what is most efficient and effective.

Option 1 and 3 seem easiest.

3 would be SUPER because all clients can be searched by the actual FOLDER NAME, since all are unique! 3 would be outstanding!

If I had set it up as sharing, that might work.

But most clients who have log ins to the site, all have specific folders.

Business Client "A" - may have 3 to 5 users accessing that folder, specifically. Not shared, direct access.

Business "B" may have only 1 user accessing a specific folder. Rarely, if ever do Client A and B ever have users that overlap into each others folder. The competitive nature of the Media Business doesn't do well with 'sharing.' It's all confidential material so one media outlet has stuff before the other. Basically, Client A and B don't like each other, so they surely wont share production and editing staff to share a folder.

Users are created by me.

So... folder TEST has the following users on the account that the client has indicated needs access for download.

So, these people... (for instance) are the ones who need the files.

John - Copy writer

Jane - Producer

Bob - Production/Mixer

Instead of going through and disabling everyone's account... Just lock out the folder if needed until the account is paid in full.

They all can log in, they all can see the file(s) that they want so badly... but, if they haven't paid for the service, all they can do is look. No preview, no download, no email, etc. Just see that they have projects waiting to be downloaded.