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I downloaded the English translation tool and basically there are four entries with + sign in front which the editing guidance states not to touch. "The lines begging with “+–” should not be modified as they represent the section name (Example: “+– Login Page –+”)".

Let me try to explain again. In the past once the home folder path was created ending like this ...system/data/PROJECT1, The top folder under the icon NEW would be named automatically as PROJECT1 based on the home folder path and the folder name you created. Now the default name appears MY FILES despite the folder names that you create. This can be confusing if the user is working on various Projects and all are then named My Files at the Parent folder instead of a specific name assigned to that particular archive. How to edit the Parent folder name "My Files" to what you want it to be for a specific user. Thanks

Thanks Vlad great to hear this.

Another comment is that all files under a folder need to be individually labelled. Would it be possible to label the folder which then perhaps could batch label all the files under that folder with same selected status OR would it be possible to COLOR the folder to either RED, GREEN OR YELLOW to indicate the status of hundreds of files in that folder. In my use I need to identify which Folder contents are audited and approved or which Folder contents are Pending review or which Folder Contents are audited and significant issues exist.  Folder Marker program sort of does this coloring but when folders are exported to Filerun this status is lost. Your consideration in this matter would be appreciated.

In previous versions, MY Files was displayed as the actual Folder name created to where the sub folder and files were uploaded. This worked in my case as MY FILES vs Specific folder name for each Project was better. Is there a way to rename Myfiles when needed to mirror the actual Folder name marked in permissions to where the sub-folder/files are uploaded to. Thanks.

Look forward to that in future script revision. Thanks