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Although I'm a little late responding, just wanted to say thanks for the incredible updates since my comments above. FileRun is simply the best out there! I try to promote it everywhere I post and will make sure more people know about it. Thanks again! 

I have the same issue as the other users above. I've downloaded the updated "avatar.phpfile linked above, refreshed, etc., without success. I am able to reset the user avatars to default but uploading/saving custom avatars still returns broken thumbnails. Affects all users notwithstanding permissions. No errors in devtools panel. 

Thank you for the awesome software and quick response. As I mentioned before, I'm not normally a very vocal member of the FileRun community as the software has always been great and other users usually suggest similar changes/features before I even think of I am always hesitant complaining about something I don't pay for...but as Jules G and Nelo also mention, simple options such as custom theming or LDAP support are exactly the types of features I would gladly pay a one-time fee for as a solo user. I have no use for an enterprise license, but would love to show my support for the development. I do feel as if you're missing out on a large subset of your user-base that would be happy to buy the product, just not at the enterprise level (I have no need for 7 additional licenses but would love to be able to customize the theme again! Please, please bring in back!). I would also humbly recommend that changes like eliminating a custom feature (such as locking not just the base themes, but also a user's customized theme) be more clearly listed in the changelog. Whether free or not, or even if considered a trivial change, custom features are exactly that -- "customized" by the user and, in my opinion, the user should at least have the option to pay to keep the customizations or understand what will occur during the upgrade.

In any event...thanks again both for the software and your interaction with your users/customers. Overall the new version is an awesome move forward!   

I have been a loyal opensource user of FileRun for years and, first off, want to say thank you and that I absolutely love the software. I have never posted any messages in the forum until now. That said...and hopefully I don't sound unappreciative (or overly-dramatic for that matter -- I understand and support the need for revenue!!). I just updated to the new version and I am TRULY upset that my custom dark theme -- which I literally spent HOURS and HOURS custom-coding and fine-tuning and creating -- is gone or at least inaccessible in exchange for (I'm sorry, at least to me) some forced, really ugly tone of purple. PLEASE bring back at the least the option for one custom theme. I'll trade it for the extra 7 licenses!! I didn't see the elimination of custom themes in the changelog prior to updating (I may have missed it) but I would have held off if I had seen anything. It may seem silly, but I really am considering changing software now or at least reverting to the prior version.