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Okay now it's clear why. Thank you very much, it's funny that it only worked with HTML before. Well thank you again.

Thank you so much!
I had inserted an HTML code there everything worked but yesterday I changed something about it was that the problem? Or does it have something to do with the Instant Notification checkbox?

But I have changed this config for quite some time and so far it has always worked the errors came out of nowhere

I haven't even really done anything on my server or the cloud right now.

Yes. I changed in /var/www/filerun/images/favicons the favicons and in /var/www/filerun/customizables the config.php I added the YOURLS Shortener


$config['app']['weblinks']['custom_url_shortener'] = 'https://s.domain/yourls-api.php?signature=SIGNATURE&action=shorturl&format=simple';

Otherwise I did not change anything manually.

Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately, it did not work is still exactly the same problem.

What I didn't write is when I want to log in this message comes:

Image 1271

If I then click on Sign In again this message comes:

Image 1272

and afterwards I can access the data when I reload the page

Image 1273

It's weird. I have more pictures at last uploaded than at the photos self.

What is the different?

Image 1266

Image 1267

Image 1268

Thanks for the help, but I still have two questions how can I do this with the other accounts? (so they are not superusers) and what exactly decides which files are in photos, music and videos? for me there is somehow confusing some videos and photos are in it but very many are not or then only sorted by the latest but not in the "normal" Photos tab.

How can I do that? Under Metadata, File Types?