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I may have described the issue wrong. I don’t want to limit the amount of items within a folder, I want to limit the amount of folder listed on the left side of the folder structure.

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I am experiencing the same problem. I build an interface from my own web application which creates folders for each saved address (in the database) automatically on the ftp. Some of my users have way more than 1000 addresses, sometimes even up to 3000 saved in the db. So whenever a user logs in and opens the addresses folder, all folders are being loaded, which takes quite some time. So a setting would be helpful, which controls the amount of data that should initially be loaded. If set to e.g. 500, the user then could just click on “show more” and 500 more datasets could be loaded.

Hope you know, what I mean^^

I own a Enterprise license. So where is the information, that a user has already received the message stored? 

Not the best solution for me, to always change the js/login.js after an update. So if the message is only being shown the first time a user opens filerun from a mobile device, is the information stored in the database, that the user already received the message?