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Thanks! I have restored the 2 tables and is ok now! I've noticed some problems with my ubuntu installation so i'm doing a kernel upgrade!

Ok thanks! There is one more thing abount the loading! If you have a lot of photos and you click on the first one you have to wait that all the gallery thumbnails to load before it shows the clicked photo in slideshow!

This is some kind of bug! 

When you start to see the gallery click on the first photo and see how much time it stay to load! 

Example link:

this from backend 1.1 MB: 


this from slideshow weblink 11MB


it seems like in the backend there is a function that convert the photo like a thumbnail but not in the webgallery

the dimensions are 5000x3333 but why in the backend of filerun it gets converted and the file from 11 mb gets 364kb?

For wrong i mean different from what i see in the backend of filerun! For the moment i found a workaround using a plugin for the smarty template! If you wish i will write it here!