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I am haunted by this sort-order-issue since the beginning with filerun. I awaited your update, as you promised now it should be sorted alphabetically. Thats what I needed.

Now I have updated the version - and did a new install but:

I figured out that the sort oder is correct in the filemanager but still not in weblinks.

Please help me with this reason. I talked to another company and recommended Filerun. They wanted to buy it, too. But when I showed it to the boss every file was mixed - what I didnt recognize before.

Please help!


Here some Screenshots:

Thank you for that information - it was not obvious.

If you have a look at this screenshot from my pdf file - you´ll see that even ImageMagick leaves out some thumbs.

Now I tested again, even with heavier files and it worked for every folder - maybe it has to do with the server´s workload.

I will keep this issue in observation. For now it seems okay.

The sorting issue is a big problem to me. I´ll post some screenshots under another topic. If you can help with this issue it seems that I can stay with Filerun in future, what I would prefer.

Becaus I simply like it ;)

Thanks Vlad. I now added my documentation with screenshots as pdf. And

also a jpeg file wich is one of the images that do not get a thumnail or
a preview.


Thank you Vlad, I think about buying the enterprise version 20+

I have Filerun running but I cannot use it since months because the sort order is still an issue. That is really unsatisfying.

Since the newest FileRun-Update (2018.02.13) my Thumbnails are also not created reliable. Both with Imagemagick and without only some thumbnails are generated.

I also deleted the existing thumbnails - but same problem...

Dear Vlad - this sounds GREAT! Thank you.

Oh no. Now I used Filerun for a while and I loved it.

The gallerie´s strange sort order makes it useless - it makes me cry!

I export fotos from adobe lightroom - here it seems that filerun uses the time of export - this is just strange. Please make it use the alphabet and it would be great.

In my opinion it seems natural to see also video-prview (with a play button) in when browsing a shared image gallery (the one you provide with filerun is very nice).

Please see many imageviewers on desktop witch show also videos when clicking through the photos. Many people make photos and videos of the same situation with the same camera ;-)

Could this be the logical way?