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Since the newest FileRun-Update (2018.02.13) my Thumbnails are also not created reliable. Both with Imagemagick and without only some thumbnails are generated.

I also deleted the existing thumbnails - but same problem...

Dear Vlad - this sounds GREAT! Thank you.

Oh no. Now I used Filerun for a while and I loved it.

The gallerie┬┤s strange sort order makes it useless - it makes me cry!

I export fotos from adobe lightroom - here it seems that filerun uses the time of export - this is just strange. Please make it use the alphabet and it would be great.

In my opinion it seems natural to see also video-prview (with a play button) in when browsing a shared image gallery (the one you provide with filerun is very nice).

Please see many imageviewers on desktop witch show also videos when clicking through the photos. Many people make photos and videos of the same situation with the same camera ;-)

Could this be the logical way?