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Hi Vlad,

thank you for this new feature. Great!

Hi Vlad,

this feature will be great :)

Do you hav a date for the next release?


Hi Vlad,

how can we copy/paste the DATE TAKEN into one field?

example: the IPTC give the DATE TAKEN (perfect!). I would like to automatically copy this date into a custom field (shooting date).

If I well understand it is possible with the MEDIA INFO path option.

but how to retrieve this path?

note: I know it can be redundant with the IPTC field :-) but it is a request from our users.

N.B/ same question with the AUTHOR field that can automatically complete a 'CREDITS' field

Thank you

Hello Vlad, regarding this need for weblinks page to display metadata, an option to choose which metadata Field to display (ie a check box in Field Set parameters > edit Field and/or a checklist when creating weblink of a file or folder) could be a very interesting feature.

Is this functionality included in a next system release/upgrade?

Hello Vlad,

you are right: it must remain as an option.

your proposal is good for me.

thx u

Sorry my comment was not clear.

once we declare multiple metadata in a field set (like title, description, product, credits...) is it possible to modify these metadata for a group of assets in the same time, a bulk action? for example to change the credits for 10 assets in one action only, modify the name of the product for 50 assets, etc.

thx u


this bulk action is one of the most expected features from your solution :-)

Do you have any news about it?

Our users would like to add/modify tags/metadata on multiple assets on the same time...

thank you