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Sorry, I do have that directory. It has an english.php that's identical to the one downloaded from the client area.

Hi Vlad,

I'm confused. Your reply above said I can change the error messages via translations and you provided the link to On that page, it says to go to the client area and download the language file. When I click download on English, it does not have any of the lines of the other languages for me to edit the error messages. Where am I going wrong?

Hi Vlad, not sure if you got a notification of my question below since this is marked solved.

Also tried going here, no english.php

Thought there may be one in my Filerun I could edit, the documentation says to put your translation file in system/data/translations, but I don't have that directory?

Hey Vlad, I went to Client Area > Translation Tool > English and clicked Download (for the php) and Old Format (for the txt) but both are like 20 lines. I tried grabbing French and it's 2328 lines.

Might be something wrong with the English download?

The way you've implemented it, wouldn't "Maximum login attempts" only apply to the password? For example, nothing is stopping someone from trying 1000 usernames with Filerun helpfully telling them which users are valid and which aren't. "Max login attempts" is only blocking password attempts against a single username before the value is reached and the user account is deactivated. Or am I misunderstanding what it's doing?

I can't think of any other website which provides that kind of feedback to someone attempting to login and for good reason, I think it's a bad security practice.

Either way, thank you for replying and I appreciate you've given me a solution to change the text.

I think it would be more intuitive if the focus was automatically set to the image so clicking isn't necessary to use the arrows. But that's not a big deal, I'll let my users know. Thanks!