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I think it would be more intuitive if the focus was automatically set to the image so clicking isn't necessary to use the arrows. But that's not a big deal, I'll let my users know. Thanks!

Hey Vlad, no worries, just throwing out ideas.

Our setup has folders nested within folders nested within folders, so the left side panel needs to be expanded pretty far to see the full folder names. 

Maybe I can change this request into the left and right side panels remembering their expanded positions via cookie. As leaving and reopening the tab, or refreshing the tab causes the expanded positions of those panels to return to their default sizes.

Thanks for the consideration.

Actually looking at it closer, it's striping out all the hex color codes from my theme.css. Here's that portion of my css/ext.php?v=2018.05.22&theme=custom when viewed with Chome Dev Tools. No color codes at all.

It's like it's ignoring my theme.css.

For example, in my customizables/theme.css, I have...

/* Buttons */
.fr-btn-primary.x-btn-over {
border-color: #4285F4;
background-color: #4285F4;

but when I use Chrome Dev Tools to inspect css/ext.php?v=2018.05.22&theme=custom

/* Buttons */
.fr-btn-primary.x-btn-over {
border-color: ;
background-color: ;

Ah, appreciate that. I see what you mean by adding the $replaceColors to the }else{.

Unfortunately even after making that change to the ext.php and copying the contents of css/theme_blue.css to customizables/theme.css & changing the Color Theme to Custom, it doesn't apply those colors to the highlighting. Instead it shows a grey theme no matter what HEX colors I apply to the replaceColors values.

Awesome thank you!

I couldn't figure out how to make colored hover effects work with $replacecolors in ext.php, but adding the headerTbar css for re-adding the logo worked perfectly. Appreciate the tips!

I'd love to have the logo back in the top left corner as well.

Hey Vlad,

Have you been able to take a look at this yet?