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A small correction, in the translation tool, the terms


- Single Sing In

are not available in section 'login Page' unless I'm mistaken.

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As for the webdav via the cyberduck client, 

the patch works without any problems

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when do you think you can fix this bug? it's starting to get problematic.
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Ok, thank you for your answer.

I meant by modification, when a new user was added to an existing share.

For the second question, yes it would be better if the message could be personalized, but already if there was a notification would be fine.

I  can suggest Arcgis API, you can see this article

Migrating from Google Maps JavaScript API to ArcGIS API for JavaScript
Google has returned some of these customers to ESRI


For the first, I think second option is more simple, i.e. limit FileRun logs to a list of certain actions.

For the second, I was not very clear. The problem is

- When we go to activity log panel and click on 'Archive Log' button : the most recent logs are cleared, so that should be the oldest ones first. (with 2000 user, I have more than a million entries into the table df_logs).

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Yes, I know this option, but the idea is more complexe, there are two case:

a) Simple : if user A access to folder sharing by user B, in the menu 'more option', user A cannot check notification option for him

b) More difficult : if a user B sharing folder with other user or a group, it would be interesting

for the user B to send a message directly to the list of people to indicate that he has just

opened a sharing right. In this option, this implies a communication system between

users by mail.

But it should certainly think more on the way that it could take.

Otherwise a little things, in the same way, as for weblinks, it would be nice to have access to a list of notifications that have created by the user (in admin panel, and in short list for user).

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The primary purpose of the list is to just have a directory page of groups and people. This is to allow users to know who is in a group easily.
Since users can not create or manage groups, they must ask the administrator to do so. So that allows them to have a view on it.

If it is possible as for the help page to add its own pages, I can create the php script to do this function.

Then we can imagine some more interactive things, where user 
can invite other users into a group or manage their own groups,

but I think it's a lot more time for you to do that.

Thank you.