Your comments

I also suggest that we can see all the metadata, even if only one file is put in a web link.

My user, Is interested in a client for IOS.

Do you have enough people who would be interested in this?

Thank you


Yes, it's good idea.

Maybe you can keep your idea of the SHIFT key to open a directory in a new page when you click on it. As you added that FileRun displays the path in the browser URL, this should be fairly easy to do.

Yes I think it's a good idea like this. But if it is possible to be able to parameterize the behavior.
Indeed, one could decide that according to the plugins one forces a behavior.
For example mediainfo is open in overlay,
But OnlyOffice always opens in a new tab.
(We know that users never read manuals).

For the SHIFT key, it may be necessary to consider the type of browser, for example on Mac with Safari, it is the command key.



In the same idea, would it also be possible to have a button to return the mail with login information when changing the password or login of a user.

This could take the form of a drop-down menu when you click on the icon as for 'New Document'

Yes I think it's a good idea to do like that.