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Hi Vlad,

Following the instructions in that page made our installation came back to life at least, however, updating FileRun installation fails with This FileRun license does not have access to software updates message.

Will it work if I fresh install latest Filerun version to a different folder on web server, and then restore the database?

Hi Vlad, thanks for quick reply.

Is there a way to install Filerun update?

I think you can remove the extra user thru database management (i.e. phpMyAdmin, Adminer, etc.). Login to database management, select your FileRun database and open df_users table (if you did not change table prefix while installing FileRun) and delete users you want.

That's exactly how I did it.

All PHP extensions required for FileRun are enabled in QNAP. I think the problem was because files and folders were loaded to QNAP before FileRun was setup. Anyway, I've solved the problem by manually indexing folders. First, I've tried following code, but didn't work. Later, I've started indexing folders with right click, and it worked. Thanks.

/usr/local/apache/bin/php metadata_update_file_type.php /share