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We're currently running the latest version of FileRun (paid version) and we can view all our Office documents without any problem using the Office Web Viewer so maybe it's a setup issue on your end?

The only time we have had issues was when we tried running FileRun on a port other than 80 or 443, then Office Web Viewer would fail.

Or at least don't show the Collections folder unless there is something in it.

Same goes for the Starred folder... don't show it unless it has something in it.

ok, found the problem.

Under plugin settings in FileRun I had

Path to AESCrypt:   "C:/Program Files/AESCrypt"

but FileRun actually requires Path + EXE Name...

Path to AESCrypt:  "C:/Program Files/AESCrypt/aescrypt.exe"

Nothing stands out, where should I be looking in the console?

Clearing cache worked for me but the plugin itself does not function from Filerun as stated above.  

The "enter Password" box just stays on screen after flashing "Processing file"

Any suggestions?

I've had nothing but problems with ImageMagick and when I was finally able to get it to do something under FileRun on my Windows Server, it was very slow.  I switched to GraphicMagick and everything instantly just worked!

Ok, by clearing browser cache I know see "AES File Encryption" under "Open With..." and when I select it, it asks for a password.  I enter a password, press OK and the screen flashes "Processing File" and nothing is created.

How can I tell things are set up correctly?  The PHP log doesn't show any errors.

My OS is Windows x64 so I downloaded the x64 console version of AESCrypt and entered the path under FileRun Plugins but it does not show up under "Open with..."

Awesome plugin... I have lots of STL files for my 3D Printer so it's nice to be able to view them online.

I have latest version of FileRun installed on Windows running Abyss Server and have tried uploading TIF files ranging from 50MB to 200MB and have had no issues.  They all upload perfectly.

It is very strange you are having such problems only with TIF files.

Is it possible something is corrupting your TIF files or interrupting the upload locally?