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Awesome plugin... I have lots of STL files for my 3D Printer so it's nice to be able to view them online.

I have latest version of FileRun installed on Windows running Abyss Server and have tried uploading TIF files ranging from 50MB to 200MB and have had no issues.  They all upload perfectly.

It is very strange you are having such problems only with TIF files.

Is it possible something is corrupting your TIF files or interrupting the upload locally?

Sorry for the question... turns out it was some VPN/Proxy settings on this end that were interfering and they just happened to be set up the same time that FileRun was updated ;)

After these settings were removed, everything started working again as expected.

Forgot to mention I have the thumbnail cache custom set to...

$config['path']['thumbnail_cache'] = 'D:/FileRunTemp/thumbnail";

For anyone else using Abyss Web Server and want the Office Plugin to work.

URL Rewriting...

(and make sure "Append Query String" is unchecked on each rule)

OK, thanks.

We use Abyss Server so I added the rules from FileRun/wl/.htaccess  to the URL rewrite panel in Abyss and I can now open Microsoft Office documents in Microsoft Office on my desktop..

I still can't get Office Web Viewer to work though.

What is the secret to making that function??

This information is quite important and should really be documented somewhere more obvious.

Your website says Filerun can do all these things and integrate with all these different services but fails to mention you have to jump through hoops to actually do it.  Your requirements page simply states what's needed for PHP and says "FileRun works great on all servers, Microsoft Windows included."

I totally understand and I know you could simply share both, but when you have User Folders, they are grouped together nicely at the top of the file list and then Shares are bunched together in alphabetical order at the bottom.

It's really nice to have a directory structure that is laid out nicely for the User.

What about a feature to somehow specify the layout order of the shared folders instead of just alphabetical?

>>P.S. We cannot add ways of overriding one user's general permissions, as that would defeat the purpose of the general permissions and create confusion.

That is why I suggested an option between default behavior and an override.  It should be up to the administrator to decide between default and override for each User.

This patch works perfect.

You are amazing !!!

Thank you.

I missed the "System" section under "Advanced configuration" ;)

+1 for native iOS.  

The Android app works great but trying to use NextCloud for iOS fails completely (even NextCloud on Android works ok but not on iOS)