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Remove in the nextcloud "folder sync connection" as per the above, then re add with the "add folder sync connection" and select the "@Home" folder as the target rather than the root "nextcloud" (aka Filerun)


I found that deleting the folder share and building it again in nextcloud allowed me to select @Home as the root directory rather than the filerun root.

This let me sync the directory as expected.

However the built in folder sharing does not really work because it doesn't show up in @home but rather as a new @whatever in the filerun root.

Hi Vlad,

I am running the lastest versions. I havent really made any progress here though.

I can make  directories and files in "@home" on the web app, or via webdav using a 3rd party program, but I cant in the nextcloud desktop app.

I have also tried the owncloud app and it also doesnt let me make folders or file in "@home".

It works as expected within subfolders.

Anthing else I can try?

(also the forum doesnt seem to send emails even when I am following a thread?)


Hi Vlad,

Sorry for the delay, I didnt get an email telling me there was a reply.

I dont have the fullscreen option you indicate. I can right click to go to fullscreen. But I cant double click to go fullscreen.

If I right click the file and open with the video player, I can double click and have the icon to go to full screen.

Re the photos, f11 is a bit better but it still the arros and file name etc.