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Hi i ve upgrade to ImageMagick 7.0.8-64 and of course i ve set the correct path. Although it seems that eveything is ok, when i try to view an image larger than 2mb or the resolution is higher than the default so it needs to resize a get a blue icon as a result. I have to mention that before the upgrade it was working. Now i can not even revert to ImageMagick 6 as i get the same blue icon. Help please. Thanks in advance

i really don't know!! I took some photos that their thumbnails are distorted and copied them into other folder inside the lab hard drive. Surprisingly their thumbnails now are correct... 

Good, any idea why this is happening then? The files are not stored into the computer with the docker but from a lan hard drive which i map into that computer.? I also tried to generate the thumbnails but still no help! thanks 

I've sent an email with the same subject as the topic here. 

cool of course. You want it through filerun or just the image from whatever provider.? Because right now I haven't expose filerun it's only local. 

one more thing is if I create a sharable link from filerun inside and I open it the image is displayed properly. 

The problem is that there is caching for those images and thats the flag about. BUT when an image resolution is high then the system tries to change the resolution to match a certain size lets say so it takes time. 

I still have no solution to that. 

Is there any way to bypass this and show the whole image, or at least make the process bigger!? I mean php configuration wise!?

I am also facing the same problem with the architecture. I am using an Orange pi zero plus and from what i understand its x64 bit. But there is no ioncube loader available. Can you send me the loader in case it work. Because we have the same cpu