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We've also had this issue pop up to users using Chrome or Edge.

If they switch to Internet Explorer or Firefox they can access the site again.

We've also looked over their browsers and can find no add-ons, extensions, etc. that would block a request to the server.

I have a feeling since both Edge is built on Chromium and Chrome is well Chrome that a new security update is looking at something different that possibly FileRun needs to address and that's why the error only shows up in Chrome and Edge.

For everyone else who's having this problem - Try lowering the value of "Number of days to keep the file activity log entries:" setting, from FileRun's control panel under "Files" -> "Misc options", to the minimum day you actually wish to keep a record of.

After changing the value, it would require you to log out and back into FileRun, for the cleaning process to run.

After doing this our server is snappy again.

Define unusually large? It's a repository for our companies distributor network - yes there is a lot of files but they are needed for business purposes.

I timed ours - to even open the admin control panel it takes around 1 minute and 25 seconds.

To open a folder took around 35 - 45 seconds to load. 

I did find the JS files to edit the registration - though I think in the future having the ability to add/remove fields without using some 3rd party utility would be more consumer friendly. Thank you.

According to the web host the server has locked this directory down, are there any security risks if this particular folder was accessed outside of filerun?

No it is in the the public directory. This server uses httpdocs as the public dir  and that's where this resides in.

Correct.  Essentially all I want a CSR rep to be able to do is lookup a user account and unlock it / maybe reset password for customer.  I would rather them not be able to change or even see any other section in the filerun control panel beyond user accounts.

Thanks M4rtin that worked.

I can if I go directly to - I get the circle with the i in it but not the full secure lock icon saying it's secure.

I then checked my logs and no error logs relating to the time period I tried.