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The it works is very good, the user used with autologin is the current logged in user in user (session variable) and thats the desired and seemingly optimal way to work for me as the files / file urls used are of the file system, not filerun.

Filerun is used to maintain all media, add meta info such as title and description and organize folder structures..

The CMS (homerolled) with focus on creative media capabilities does not know of filerun otherwise.. most of the images are processed by a php script that resize and caches them according to use.. I pass directory/imagefile.(jpg|png) to it,  not sure a weblink would work... basically I need to return the file url absolute (df_paths.path) to form input field for use in the cms..

And for TinyMce the same return path.. 

:) Thanks again..

Thanks.. a lot!

I am using tinymce with responsive filemaneger and also responsive filemanager as a filepicker for text file input standalone with callback from responsivefilemanager that inserts the file url in the text field.. 

This is how i call Filerun:

<span class="text-success"><b><!--?php echo $g_name;?--></b></span><span class="float-right" target="_blank" onclick="galeria = 'autologin.php?folder=https://<?php echo $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] ?>/pastas/#/HOME/data/galerias'; newWindow(this);  return false;" data-toggle="tooltip" data-html="true" title="Bate aqui para criar Titulos e descripcoes para acompanhar a foto!"><button type="button" class="btn btn-primary"></button>Criar/Ajeitar galerias</span>


function newWindow(element) {
  var newWin =, 'window-name', "top=0, left=50%, height=700,width=980,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no");

Close window-popup and return fileurl would be desireable.. :) ..

Hope its not to much information.. :) 

Tinymce is quite well documented 

Have at least these options

external_filemanager_path: '/filemanager/',
external_plugins: { 'filemanager' : '/filemanager/plugin.min.js'}

Responsive filemanager Tinymce Plugin: