Your comments

Dear Vlad,

Thank you for the fast response!

Some sort of pagination for the mobile view would be quite handy I think.

Unfortunately I think that the issue might still be caused by FileRun and I will explain why.

The first image in the folder is named "_someString_com.jpg". It displays as the first image in the FileRun web interface when browsed with the superuser account.

However, when shared as a gallery, the first image displayed is "K&L_0001_someString.jpg" and the last one is "_someString_com.jpg". The one before this is "K&L_1666_someString.jpg".

On the other hand, in the mobile view, the last one is still "_someString_com.jpg", but the one before is "K&L_0999_someString.jpg".


According to #2, you are correct. I am currently using a 32-bit version of PHP as my OS architecture is also 32-bit. 

Thanks in advance!