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which css mate? style.css?

Even that logo-38px is not anymore in that folder. Maybe you're using an older version?

I don't get why they have decided to delete that, unfortunately.

Thanks Vlad, well, a bit misunderstanding since U show this in the home page

I'm trying to change the favicon as well, I don't have simply to replace the one in the root folder favicon.ico of filerun? Am I right? Coz I can't see any changes, shouldn't be a cache problem as I'm getting

I have created the folder, but the system keep telling me that the folder doesn't exist.

do I have to create that folder for the files storage inside some filerun folders? Coz via ftp I did it in the root and also inside the /filerun folder but the sys keep saying (the path is not valid or php can't access to it).

How I can make PHP access to this folder than?

Well I'm on OVH VPS, so I should be free to change. the folder persmission settings are on 777 so all possibile, but the system still come back to me with

so now my question is: .htaccess ? how I can write it correctly to make your filerun working fine? Or doesn't matter the .htaccess?

I would like to understand and make it work, once I did that I will also buy the licence with 5 users since you products looks good, hopefully not too many bugs! Let's see eheh

seems like I can't set the home folder of the superuser? That's why? But if I try to do that, I can't coz of PHP permission as I can get. But how I can set the permission? From where or which file? How? Thanks!