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Any update in this section? I need my keyboard arrows for seeking music....

Yeah, it works!

Thank you very much, its a nice theme, good work!

wow cool, can i download this version?

Yes sure, v1 Tags limited to 28 or 30 characters and i have MP3 with scaning problem, error message:

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for strings in ***/httpdocs/system/classes/getid3/
Stack trace:
#0 ***/httpdocs/system/classes/getid3/ getid3_mp3->decodeMPEGaudioHeader(4268, Array, false)
#1 ***/httpdocs/system/classes/getid3/ getid3_mp3->RecursiveFrameScanning(4096, 4268, true)
#2 ***/httpdocs/system/classes/getid3/ getid3_mp3->decodeMPEGaudioHeader(4096, Array, true)
#3 ***/httpdocs/system/classes/getid3/ getid3_mp3->getOnlyMPEGaudioInfo(4096)
#4 ***/httpdocs/system/classes/getid3/getid3.php(388): getid3_mp3->Analyze()
#5 ***/httpdocs/system/classes/vendor/FileRun/Files/Metadata/Utils.php(149):  in ***/httpdocs/system/classes/getid3/ on line 464

yes i know, but its no a problem. But with the keyboard, i must clicking always the enter for preview, can we change for open music without an enter key?

Hi there, thanks for the answer.

I found a solution for a single click: js/fileman/grid/panel.js 

line54 'rowclick': function (grid, rowIndex, e) {