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Yes, there is no message prompt from FileRun. You've set that message somewhere in the FileRun settings.

Sorry for the late reply! And sorry to hear about your server being attacked. Using custom ports, securing with a password, or best yet limiting the access to your server's IP should help against that.

Otherwise there is no reason for a hosted ElasticSearch service not to work with FileRun.

Inside the FileRun control panel, you have configured limitations on the files the users can upload. This limitation can be set generally, but also for each individual account. If you review your settings, you will find the problem.

The authentication integration is available only in the Enterprise version, while this forum is focused on the free version, so I don't think you will be getting answers here. But with the Enterprise version, the way you described it would be the best way.

No welcome message is enabled by default. If you are seeing one, it means you set one in the FileRun control panel.

Uploading a ~100MB file, please tell me the upload and download speeds, separately.

With the next update, it will be used also for generating full previews for the office documents.

You can secure the ElasticSearch API with a password:

The password can be configured in FileRun's control panel in the ElasticSearch URL, like this: http://username:password@localhost:9200 

Keeping up with the software updates helps avoid problems.

This problem will be fixed with the next software update. In the meantime, if you don't type the double-quote and wait, you have enough time to type a keyword, or just click "Ok" on the error prompt and continue writing a keyword.

Thank you for reporting the problem!