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Just a few more days, promise. Thank you for your patience!

If i use a user that is not using the notification there is no delay

Seems to be the focus of the problem.

Make sure the email settings are correct and that used SMTP server is live and responsive.

Note that the option will be removed from the free version with the next FileRun update, because it was abused for removing the FileRun branding.

The option will be available only in the Enterprise version. And in that case we will be able to help troubleshoot why your server is rejecting the request (probably a false positive from the firewall).

FileRun is not Nexcloud server compatible. FileRun is a WebDAV server (The Nexcloud app is a WebDAV compatible client). I would not expect apps compatible with the Nexcloud server to be compatible with FileRun.

Open "system/data/filetypes.php" in a text editor, duplicate the JPG line and adjust accordingly ;)

I am sorry about the lack of information on what is going on. I will take this opportunity to address it.

There hasn't been an update release in a long time now, but it does not mean that development stopped. On the contrary, I've been actually putting more work in these past months than ever before.

So while usually there are smaller updates released a few times a year, this time it's going to be just one, but a very chunky one. With more than 12 hours of work a day, 7 days a week, I am quite excited about the results. My wife does not share my enthusiasm 😏, and I know it does not look good at the moment from a client's perspective either, but I'm sure that it is going to be worth it on the long run.

Let me first tell you what happened with this update and after that I will tell you Dave how I'm going to make up for the wait.

So, PHP 8. Moving on to PHP 8 could have been done in two ways. Quick and dirty or proper and slow.

The quick way would have meant to accumulate technical debt which would have just translated to much slower development in the future and also not taking full advantage of the benefits PHP 8 offers either. It would have still taken quite a bit of work, and that work wouldn't have been great value on the long run.

So I went with the second option, the proper but slow one. And because this required me to go over pretty much the entire code base, I figured it was the best opportunity for future-proofing the architecture of the application. The benefits will be seen very soon, particularily on the performance, security and overall quality side, but also on the speed of development with the next FileRun versions.

However, it turns out I took a much bigger bite than I could chew and my initial estimation got off by a few good months.

Not only development got much longer than anticipated, but because the internal changes were so big, I also badly underestimated the amount of testing needed to make sure nothing breaks on the existing installs. And that is where we are right now, on the very last part of the testing phase.

Once the update is ready, I will go through all the support subscriptions which extended few months past the date of the last FileRun release and I will make sure that they get compensated with extensions, regardless if they renewed in the meantime or will renew in the future.

Sorry again for the wait, and thank you for your understanding!

The above error can happen when you test the authentication from the FileRun control panel, being already signed in as superuser. It shouldn't happen to a regular user. If it does, please reopen this thread.

Sorry for the wait. This was fixed in development and will be included in the upcoming update. Still testing the update but I am optimistic that will be ready in a few days.