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That's what happens to guest user accounts that no longer have access to any share:

You would need to change the user from being a guest, to a regular account which logs in with a password, if you do not wish the account to get removed when there is no file to access.

Another user translated in the wrong place. Thanks for pointing it out, we will get that fixed :)

Yes, a sample file that has the metadata embedded in it, from which you want to import in FileRun.

If you link a sample file, we can see if we can add an option for it.

Metadata which is not embedded in the file, such as metadata that is added through FileRun, does not get copied currently.

First, make sure you use Elasticsearch version 6, anything else will have problems.

You can always use cURL via the command line, from the server hosting FileRun, to see if the server can reach the URL you set for the Elasticsearch host.

If you choose "Custom" instead of "Quick" you will see the options mentioned in the documentation. You can always check if a MySQL export is good by creating a temporary database, importing the .sql file in it, and compare with the original database.

The FileRun application files and folders are located in the folder where you uploaded them when you installed FileRun. Nobody else can answer this question but you or the server administrator.

Please try to replace "system/classes/vendor/FileRun/Media/Music.php" with this file and let me know if the problem persists.