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Separate options for thumbnails and previews will be included with the next update.

For details, please see this discussion:

Here are the options for controlling the resolution of the image previews.

This is what's currently in the development version:

The dynamic is the way FileRun currently functions, deciding automatically based on the user's screen and size of the photo if it will generate a resized version or just output the full size. In this mode, if a resized version is generated, it will not be saved on the server for subsequent requests. With the new "dynamic, cached" mode, all the different resized versions get saved on the server. (if the requested size is not far from an existing one, the existing one will be used, so this mode will take storage space but not waste excessively)
The rest of the modes should be self explanatory.

Just like for the thumbnails, there will be a command line script for generating the previews beforehand. It will obviously apply only when a fixed resolution is set (between "Small" and "Very large").

It should cover most setups, but feedback is welcome.

The errors should be logged inside the file you have configured as "error_log" in the PHP configuration file (php.ini).

You should also look in the XAMPP logs.

We do not maintain any type of compatibility with exotic browsers, and I am afraid Opera became one. If you encounter this problem with a mainstream browser, we'll look into it.

FileRun manages files that are located in regular folders. Your question is then technically not about FileRun, but how can you get files from your folders accessible on your TV. You can then use any possible software or solution for that, depending on what protocols your server and your TV supports. I am personally not familiar with Fire TV.

Just to make sure I understand correctly the problem, you are right-clicking a file, selecting "Share", then "Wb link" and the link you are getting, if click "Open", you are just getting a blank page?

OS, HTTP server and version, PHP version, error_log entries, please.

Errors of third-party programs are not always displayed in the output, so you can directly run this command yourself and see what the result is:

soffice --headless --nologo --nofirststartwizard --norestore --convert-to jpg:calc_jpg_Export --outdir "/cloud/cache/thumbs/cloud/s3/cloud/_0_test/file_example_XLS_100.xls" "/cloud/s3/cloud/_0_test/file_example_XLS_100.xls"