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Try replacing "customizables/plugins/onlyoffice/app.php" with this file

PHP needs to be have the EXIF extension enabled. Also, the photo files need to be indexed by FileRun for this to work, as FileRun will not read the data from the files in real-time. Indexing is done when the files are being uploaded using FileRun, or when using the right-click menu option "Index files", available to the FileRun superuser when selecting folders.

Ideally the FileRun user's home folders should be outside the public area of your webserver, so outside folders such as "www", "inetpub" or "public_html".

It should be an absolute path of a folder on your server's filesystem. You can even create it from where you set it inside FileRun.

If you own an Enterprise license you will receive a patch for this right away. With the free FileRun version you can only wait for the next update.

You should start by setting a home folder for the user (edit the user account and set a full folder path under the permissions tab). You can't upload files or create folders if a location isn't specified.

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There is a bug in the current FileRun version preventing this feature from working. An update will be soon released.