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If using roles, you should avoid using the "Automatically create the folder if it doesn't exists." option in the role's permission, otherwise FileRun might try to create a brand new folder if the user's home folder does not exist, and that action will clear any meta information related to the old home folder. Even if the paths are the same (I am fixing this though.).

If it's something that can be fixed on FileRun's side, I will fix it. I would need either to be able to reproduce the problem, or an error message.

Sync should get triggered on a file ONLY if:

- a file modification time has changed, or

- its device ID, or

- its file size changed

You should check if there is anything on the server that might do that without you realizing.

Can't confirm a problem. You have the e-mail notification logs under the FileRun control panel. Check there first to see what notifications are being sent and if there are any errors or not.

The failed login notification already includes the IP address. Other messages are no longer customizable in the free FileRun version. If you run an Enterprise one, contact us for custom code.

You are not using the same FileRun installation. FileRun does not treat credentials differently on different hosts. Or your reverse proxy is broken and does not forward your typed username and password correctly.

The permissions of the FileRun installation folder does not allow PHP to write/change. Best to change ownership of the folder (chown www-data:www-data -R /var/www/html) and try again, then restore the folder ownership, making sure "sytem/data" is still writable. You can look at "system/data" folder to check it's ownership or permissions as example of a folder which is writable by PHP/FileRun.