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For your particular case you can use:

$config['thumbs']['output_small_max_filesize_without_size_check'] = 20971520;

See for where to set this.

The above tells FileRun to just use the original file for preview, instead of generating a resized version using ImageMagick, if the file is smaller than 20MB (20971520 bytes).

You can customize the page by editing the Smarty template file "system/modules/weblinks/sections/public/html/invalid_link.html"

Possible options that I can think of:

- Configure delay time between loading the thumbnail in the preview and loading the full/large-size version.

- Always use the thumbnail for the preview (in other words: never generate large-size preview on the fly, never load original version of the photo).

- Command line script for processing intermediary preview versions for specified folder.

How would it be best for your particular cases? (Not limited to the above)

So we have the following:

- The existing thumbs are too small for a useful quick preview.

- On-the-fly resizing of the original is too hard on the server and slow for the user.

- Loading the original is .. slow(?) (I suppose this depends on how large are the photos, and how slow the network connection, but given that most people now stream HD videos on mobile connections, the limitations of the bandwidth is not something that we would take as an argument against loading high resolution images.)

So the only solution seems to be to somehow have intermediary sized versions stored/pre-generated for preview.


- It requires a cron job.

- Hard to tell which files need this. If you have a photo archive with a million photos, you won't want this for all of them.

- Can take a lot of disk space.

- Can be hard on the server's hardware resources (CPU and RAM), making the web server slow to respond in some cases (FileRun is being used even on small servers such as a Raspberry Pi).

With the next FileRun update you will have the possibility of sharing files via web links directly from your desktop's file explorer.

The thumbnail image size can be changed from the FileRun control panel. Note that it changes the thumbnail size, not just what shows when you double-click an image file, which is, the thumbnail.

Thank you for pointing it out, we will make the appropriate change.

I am afraid not.

If a file's thumbnail was not preloaded, then previewing the file won't show anything at all. You don't want that.

They probably both use the same API calls, so if one method works, the other one should work as well.