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Please check if you have the option "Use for users profile images." enabled (under "Third Party Services") and perhaps try to disable it to see if it makes and difference.

Also check that the folder "system/data/" and all subfolders are writable by PHP (chmod 777 if unsure - just to see if it makes a difference).

And lastly, there should be some related error messages logged to the configured PHP "error_log". That information would really help solving this.

Good question. So far it's a global setting, but feel free to post a feature request if you would find it useful to have a per-user option.

  1. Download the CSS file
  2. Save it to "customizables/custom_theme.css"
  3. Set the "Color theme" to "Custom", from FileRun's control panel, under "Branding"
  4. Give feedback and report problems, kindly :)

Make sure your PHP version is 5.6 or higher and ionCube is 10.1 or higher.

Ask and you shall receive :)

Final version might vary.

Can I somehow set the Gallery view as default?

No, but we'll see if you can add an option for it.

And can I modify the Gallery style to other or my custom?

You can customize "wl/css/gallery.css" but note that it can get overwritten by updates.

The option is already there. Inside the web link sharing panel, right under the URL field, click on "Grid view" and select "Image gallery" instead. This action makes changes to the URL, so you would have to copy and use the updated URL.

From what I see, the error is actually from the MariaDB Docker container, and not FileRun.

You should check your "/var/lib/mysql" folder and its permissions.