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One would have to enter the Docker container command line and install the AESCrypt binary.

I am afraid it is not possible to switch to a different type of database servers, it will not work. We will not purse it as the amount of work required outweighs the benefits. Thank you nevertheless for the feature request.

What happens when you reload the page?

Is that a screenshot from an actual iPhone device?

when I access the URL in iphone 8 (current iOS), I see almost nothing.

Not having the same experience here. Would you mind posting a screenshot?

The option of indexing while skipping existing files will be added with the next FileRun update.

Perhaps the permissions of the folder does not allow PHP to write data in there. This data would be the thumbnail cache.

The error come from your HTTP server, not allowing WebDAV requests (such as PROPFIND). Fix that and you will be able to sync fine.

Giving that you mentioned "user-data", I'm assuming you are using Docker.

You can't link folders over a Docker volume.

You need to add a new volume.

Make sure there is no hardcoded URLs in the file "customizables/config.php".

You would need to delete the mentioned file if you are using a different hostname to access. Note that that would unregister the installation.