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You will be able to copy the download links with the next FileRun software update. Thank you for the feature request.

The feature will be available with the upcoming update.

This has been implemented and will be available with the upcoming update. Thank you for the feature request!

Currently this can be implemented with the existing simpleSAMLphp FileRun authentication support and simpleSAMLphp's OAuth2 module (

If more people will vote for this feature, we will add an OAuth2 authentication plugin to FileRun.

Profile avatars will be added soon so you will be able to quickly identify the accounts you are logged in with.

With the next software update, the following functionality will be available:

For user accounts that you do not specify a home folder yourself, such as accounts created through the sign-up process, or accounts created through roles with the "Automatically create the folder if it doesn't exists." option enabled, FileRun will look for the folder "system/data/home_folder_template". If it finds the folder, the contents of that folder will be used to create the new account's home folder.

The code inside "custimizables/include.html" is parsed as Smarty template syntax, so you need to escape all { and } characters.

You do that like this:


...your HTML/JS code...


At this time we have postponed the development of the app for any platform other than Android. If you have a strong interest in using the app on iOS or Windows Phone, don't hesitate to e-mail us your request along with information on how many users you expect to use this in your environment.