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A quick heads up. To use the upcoming mobile apps with your FileRun installations you will need to configure your web servers with a trusted SSL certificate. Self-signed or any irregularity with the SSL certificate and the application will not connect.
The apps will simply not work with your FileRun installation via "http://".

P.S. A first Android version of the app is currently under testing and will be soon released along with a FileRun server update.

We will try to add that as soon as we have the basic working apps.

With the next software update, the list of users would be sorted by registration date, with the latest created users at the top. Thank you for the request!

The fix will be included with the next software update. Thank you for the report!

Whenever a user is browsing a folder which contains a file named "README.TXT" or "README.HTML", the content of the file (given that is smaller than 1MB) will get displayed on the info (details and activities) tab whenever no file or folder is selected. The name can be changed from "README" to anything else using the config directive $config['app']['ui']['ReadMeFileName']. If you place a dot in front of your custom filename, the file will be hidden inside FileRun however the content would still get displayed.

A fix will be available with the next update. For receiving a patch before the update, please contact us via e-mail.

FileRun will not be providing to the users any sort of script/code. Users can already create weblinks on folders allowing the visitors to upload files. You can embed the links in your website if you are a web developer.

There is already a feature for broadcasting a message to all users upon login. It's called "Welcome message" and is available in the control panel under the interface options.

You have full control over the styling, thorough the CSS and JavaScript files. We won't be adding themes.