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The only way to troubleshoot this is to enable "log_errors" in the PHP configuration, with a valid "error_log" path set for a writable location. Without the PHP error message, we can't provide any suggestion.

For searching files by date taken, the photos need to have the particular metadata (EXIF, XMP or IPTC) embedded, and FileRun had to indexed them (automatically via upload, or manually via the superuser's contextual menu).

The search works by first finding the files based on the specified criteria, sorting, and them show the truncated result. If the files have the metadata and matches the search and sort order, they should get listed.

Maybe your file is actually corrupted.

There is currently no option for it. Would you mind providing more details on how would you find this useful?

It has been implemented in the development version and will be included with the next update.

Kindly contact us at tech-support (at) with the hostname the license should be registered for and we will solve the problem.

Simply set "max_execution_time" to longer than 300 seconds. Or, if you are using Apache, install "mod_xsendfile" and enable it from FileRun's control panel. This is by no means a FileRun bug.

Please let us know what browser are you using. And it's version.