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2. I deleted the contents of db 

That's your database.

I confirm it is a FileRun bug. I will get back to you with a patch.

Could you please disable the dark mode because it is hard to impossible to see if that checkbox is actually disabled or not.

There is no code on FileRun side which would disable that checkbox. Are you sure you can't click on it? (What browser are you using?)

Thank you for your kind words, I am happy you like FileRun!

You see the user record grayed out in the list of users? Running the latest FileRun version?

I wrote above that I will post here when support will be added. What more is there to say.. I am not sure what makes you more nervous, the fact that FileRun does not support PHP 8, or that your host is putting pressure on you.

I would recommend you to complain to your host, as there is no sane reason for removing PHP 7.4 right the moment the developers decided they are not going to update it anymore.

At the moment there is no demand for it, so it is not planned. You are welcome to upvote it though :D