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Thank you for the request. However, FileRun's image viewer already provides the option of zooming in, and I don't see any benefit in using the suggested image viewer.

A good start would be to check the PHP error log for the related entries. Make sure the PHP configuration directive "error_log" is set.

You should check the translation tool available in the client area. The various date formats is use are defined in there.

It is unlikely that we can get the error message about the SSL certificate problem given that we use simplified APIs, but we'll try. Thank you for the information.

With the next FileRun version, one can enable the default "favicon.ico" file by adding the following inside "customizables/config.php":

$config['app']['ui']['enable_favicon_ico'] = true;

This won't be changed as reloading the entire list of files will reset the list scrolling and cause the user to loose track of his progress while reviewing linked files. Thank you nevertheless for the report.

A new field, for typing in the phone number, will be available with the next update.

[Closing out of lack of details.]

That file has only a few hundred bytes. FileRun does not generate thumbnails for files so small.

There might be a bug in the current version. Try uploading the translation file manually, inside "system/data/languages". The filename needs to look like this "brazilian_portuguese.txt" (note the underscore character).