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:) I have added an English translation for it. If you download the language file from the translation tool and upload it through the control panel of the FileRun installation, this will be fixed.

This will of course be properly fixed with the next update.

Thank you for the report!

So a checkbox which you can select when configuring the plugin, which will make the particular plugin always open in a new browser tab instead of the overlay?

Sure, we'll add a checkbox for it, which you can enable whenever you're changing a password and you want the user to be automatically informed about the change. Thank you for the request!

You mean sending an e-mail message to the user, with the new credentials?

P.S. The button for generating new passwords has been added in the development version, so you will get that with the next update.

If you empty the password field, click outside the field and back into the field again, a new random password will be generated. We'll research the option of adding a small button for it. Thank you for the suggestion!

We could make it so that when holding the SHIFT key while pressing the option would make the document open in a new browser tab? Like it works with regular links.

We'll make it so that the individual control panel sections can be directly linked. The change will be available with the next update. Thank you for the request!

A button for deactivating multiple users with a click will be available with the next FileRun update.